Monday, December 28, 2009

Shoes - Beautiful Shoes

I found this via the ever amazing Trend Hunter. I think they're beautiful. That's all I'm going to say.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

"He's Cute and Musical" - Cute Baby Animal Video!!!

I got the heads up for this video via @TheRealJordin (follow her on twitter!), she's heads-upped me to other cool videos before, but this ones simply the best.

Cuter than all the rest.

A little adorable puppy that, when he tries to howl, he whistles. Really. It's sooooo(that's really not enough o's) cute, he thinks he's a big, bad wolf. Adorable.

Hit play. Watch. Smile. And maybe repeat. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

New Music - Imogen Heap's Ellipes

Flipping through the pages of a back issue Wired magazine, I stumbled onto a music review. I recognized the name, someone suggested her music on Twitter. Former Frou Frou front woman British artist Imogen Heap.

She's earned herself two Grammy nomination's for her work on the first Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack and the album Speak for Yourself. I've heard a little of Frou Frou and I was unimpressed and compelled to dig deeper. I've given Heap a chance simply because it seems everyone else has.

This was supposed a review, I thought I was really going to like it, but now this really isn't a review. Ambient music is simply not my thing. No, it is not. It doesn't move me or speak to me in anyway. It just sounds like a bunch of little sounds that sound kind of pretty... and sparkly-ish...twinkle-y....

Her lyrics, though, are kind of interesting. But I'm not going to but the CD for the lyrics.

I'm not a fan. That's that. I'm happy she's caught fire though as she is unique.

Gettin' Back in the Saddle...

I'm back after a long and unplanned haiatus. In spirit I've still been with this blog; I simply have been unable to update regularly with the quality I want. So, it sort of fell over to the wayside on my list o to-dos. I noticed I wasn't updating and it slipped further. And further.

Now I'd like to resume my regularly schedualed posting.

Thank you (possibly in the future, please?) dear loyal reader.