Saturday, August 15, 2009

Brooke Hogan Vows To "NEVER" Wear Fur

I've got a new, major respect for Brooke Hogan. I enjoyed watching her and her adorable little family on their reality show Hogan Knows Best and I've always thought she's seemed like a sweetheart. Recently Miss Hogan, using that sweet-heart of hers, made a blog recalling her trip to talk about blog ideas and possible collaborations with (one of my favorite vegans ever) Russell Simmons. Something else that happened on the trip: He showed her an anti fur blog by Tila Tequila and the accompanying video. Brooke tells she was deeply affected by this.

Note: I have never watch one of these videos that show animals being destroyed as if they were inanimate objects. I've heard about them - I've got the message; I'm an anti-fur-vegetarian. But, I suppose, I'm not anti these videos either, as some people may need to see it, in order to believe it.

Brooke wrote:
 I love animals, I was raised with animals and respect them. I was speechless when I saw this and it affected me deeply... Animals feel pain and suffer exactly the same way as you or I do. They weren't put on this planet so that we could do whatever we wanted to them and not be held accountable...
Join me and vow to NEVER buy fur...not even fur gloves or fur on your collars.
Fur equals pain and suffering. Period. And for my girls out there, if you watch this video you WILL cry so make sure you have your waterproof mascara on first.  Its a killer.  Literally.

I think it's great she's taken this stand and is promoting the idea, as well. One of the commenter's on the sourse of this article mentioned something pretty obvious - it's just as wrong to eat meat as it is to wear fur; the animals on farms are abused, too. Very true. But I still get giddy when I see any sign of people trying to be more respectful of animals. Every little bit helps. Go Brooke.


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