Friday, August 21, 2009

Twitter-ers That Aren't All "Babble"

BBC News recently told us all something we all already know, at least those of us who use Twitter regularly know this. A lot of what people say on Twitter is "babble." Uninteresting, pointless, and un-newsworthy  - and dare I say, even un-tweet-worthy in some peoples opinions. Though I personally believe nothing is un-tweet-worthy. The mundane details you get from it is what I think makes it work.

If your looking for Twittter-ers with more depth to their tweets, please observe, and follow, the following:

Wise words:

@QuotesGeek - Lots of famous quotes

@QuakerQuotes - Quotes of Quakers and many others

@motivation - Motivational quotes

@Quotes4thought - Philosophical quotes


@Pink - The singer Pink

@jason_mraz - The singer Jason Mraz

@UncleRUSH - Russell Simmons


@NOVAonline - The PBS show NOVA

@nysci - NY Hall of Science

@BadAstronomer - Astronomer Phil Plait

@make - Make zine

@NatGeoSociety - National Geographic


@MTVsMADE - The Official Twitter for the MTV show MADE.

@officialpeta - People for the ethical treatment of animals, a.k.a. - PETA

@trends - Stay in-the-know of Twitter trends

@givesmehope - Inspirational stories

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