Friday, August 14, 2009


I love pop music. I listen to all kinds of music: R&B, rock, country - but really, my main music is pop. Recently I've discovered a treasure trove of  pop confections: K-pop. Korean pop music (more specifically from South Korea). On Wikipedia, it's described as having "Stylistic origins" in Pop, R&B, Urban, Dance-pop and Electro. It's big in Asia but in the States even I, a huge Pop music fan, barely heard of it until I got a hint from a  Asian Internet friend.

The first K-pop song I can remember hearing in Wrong Number by DBSK. The lyrics in the chorus are in English, "You Got The Wrong Number/You Got The Wrong Number/I'm Sorry. You Got The Wrong Number/So Don't Call Me No More". I looked up the rest of the lyrics and translated them and doing so has made me love the song even more. I've only recently watch the video for it which is just as amazing as the song.

My favorite K-pop song at this moment is definitely Gee by SNSD. I don't speak any Korean but this songs fun  message comes across perfectly to me anyways (I always look up the lyrics and translate them anyways, though). The video for the song is super cute and it's got a ton a views on YouTube, along with loads of fan made dance recreations and singers putting their own spins on it, as seen in this soul remix by Pumashock which I adore.

So, if your a Pop music fan, and you haven't heard of all of this, now you've heard.

Gee by SNSD

 Gee remix by Pumashock

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